Starwheel Manufacturers

Over 35 years of experience bringing customers bespoke, high quality components with rapid response and personal service


Starwheel Manufacturers has been a family owned business for more than 35 years.


ASSETS: At Starwheel, we value our most important assets. They are our employees, our customers, our reputation, the knowledge that we have learned so far, and the desire to constantly improve and evolve.

SPECIALISE: We specialise in the packaging and bottling industry, so we make it our business to learn and improve all we can in our field. Aidan and his engineers have spent countless hours working with customers troubleshooting problems and thinking outside the square for problem solving. Although we do general machining, our core business is components for the packaging industry.

WE WORK WITH YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: We do not have sales people at Starwheel. You talk directly with one of our engineers who have the technical knowledge and skills required to design and manufacture the job. Our customers need to trust us to get the job right, from concept to completion.


Our Industries:

  • All bottling
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics
  • Detergents
  • Aerosols
  • Food
  • Pet foods

Our Customers:

Our customers are a variety of organisations ranging from large corporations to smaller family owned business. We supply parts domestic and international to most regions of the world.

Starwheel Manufacturers

Starwheel Manufacturers delivers changeover performance solutions for packaging lines and machines in Australia and worldwide. We manufacture innovative, precision engineered solutions that provide repeatable, accurate changeover for intuitive setup, operating performance and low maintenance