Starwheel manufacturers


Here at Starwheel we use custom software and precision CNC machines to cut Timing screws.

We can also 3d model any size or shape scroll that is required, scrolls can be made of suitable materials depending on the product that is handled, from soft acting through to high wear resistant hard materials or metals.

The Infeed and discharge pitch are infinitely variable, they separate, combine,group, pause and transfer the product scrolls can be made in Left and Right hand pitches and in twins to help with high speed or neck supported bottles.

The container can be rotated up to 360 degrees in either direction as it travels through a twin scroll set up.

Starwheel Manufacturers

Starwheel Manufacturers delivers changeover performance solutions for packaging lines and machines in Australia and worldwide. We manufacture innovative, precision engineered solutions that provide repeatable, accurate changeover for intuitive setup, operating performance and low maintenance.